Research shows that one of the most important factors in improving your relationship with food, yourself and your mental health is surrounding yourself with people who are on the same journey as you – who share your struggle.

When you feel you belong in a community and are connected, this is when you can learn, grow, share and start to make real life-long changes. Interestingly, when you consistently spend time with people who are making empowering and self-loving choices, you start to imitate them and practice similar things.

One of the most effective ways to make real shifts and changes is through a group support process.

Who belongs in this community?

If you answer yes to any of the below questions, then Our Nourish and Nurture Community is for you!
Have tried multiple diets & weight loss programs
Feel sick and tired of feeling sick and tired
Have your life goals on hold (until you feel confident)
Eat your emotions, the good and the bad
Struggle with late-night or out-of-control eating
Feel shame, guilt or unworthy of love around eating
Struggle to love (or even like) yourself and your body
Feel alone in your struggles or something is wrong with you

What are the aims of this community?

Our Nourish and Nurture Community is a place for those of you who struggle around eating and food, who wish to improve your relationship with food, yourself and your body.
Help uncover your personal challenges and journey with eating
Support you with the tools and insights you need to understand your daily struggle with food choices
Build a community of people like you - looking for support and connection on a journey of self-discovery
Provide a safe, non-judgmental space where you can explore and delve into the reasons why you struggle with negative eating patterns
Help you see that you are not broken or defective
Continuously providing a space for you to connect and not feel alone
Guide you in your growth, development and transformation
To give you a sense of ownership and empowerment

Meet the team

Tessa Whitfield and Victoria Webster have been running groups, eating psychology programs, workshops and support spaces together for the last two years.

After much trial and error they have come together to build a community intended to help people connect with one another and make real changes in their relationships with food and eating. The idea for this community comes from a place of psychological research and evidence, but also personal experience with how powerful this kind of community can be.

Nutrition CoachTessa Whitfield

Tessa Whitfield lost over 30kg, but in the process recognised that more work was needed to ensure that the weight stayed off, unlike past weight loss experiences. She transformed her life by changing the way she thinks about herself and her relationship with food and the result has been sustained weight loss and a more positive and resilient approach to life. Her own transformation led Tessa to qualify as a Keto Nutrition Coach through Nutrition Network and she now works as a health coach assisting others achieve their own transformation. Tessa is an expert on learning how to love yourself, drop the perfectionism and live life in the messy, always imperfect but wonderful middle.

Clinical PsychologistVictoria Webster

Victoria Webster is a clinical psychologist running a private practice specialising in eating addictions and disorders. She has spent over eight years in the addiction field and has spent the last three years focusing on eating disorders, overeating, binge eating, sugar addiction and emotional eating. She has discovered a number of core patterns that are shared by those who struggle with dieting and controlling food intake. These often have their root in childhood experiences and are sometimes driven by things we may not be aware of. She has adapted a number of traditional learnings and tools to help uncover these individual experiences that have shaped our relationship with food. She has successfully used these in her own journey and in helping others
Program overview

Community Benefits

The Nourish and Nurture Community offers its members the following (when, and how you want them):
Biweekly - 1 hour

1. Online Check-in & Connection session

These check-in sessions are an hour long and will start off with a short presentation on a relevant topic pertaining to the struggles that our community members may face.

This will include tools and strategies to deal with these difficult topics. There will also be space for members to ask any questions or share their experience on this topic. Importantly, there will always be space for each member to check in with what is going on for them and receive some experience shares or feedback from others.

You will never have to feel alone on this journey again. Share whatever you are going through or witness others sharing their struggles and wins. Learn from others. You can also receive some troubleshooting and suggestions if you would like them. There is no obligation to share or even stay for the whole sessions. Pop into sessions whenever you can and either observe them or join in.

All sessions will be recorded, so if you can’t join, you will receive them to watch in your own time.

Topics include:




Stories we tell ourselves about why we eat, how we eat and what weight means to us.



Challenging current destructive beliefs around our relationship with food and selves.


Values & self-worth

Learning how to cultivate self-worth and that you are worthy no matter how much you weight or who you may struggle with eating.



Identifying/naming and feeling, so that we don’t eat on them.


Negative self-talk

Most people who struggle with eating have a very harsh inner critic, we work on challenging that inner critic and learning a new way of speaking to ourselves. If we treat ourselves better, we eat ourselves better!



This is key to start making self-loving choices rather than punishing ones.


Triggers for eating & cravings

How to spot them and manage them.



How to put down boundaries with people our lives that may push food or not respect our choices.



Learning how to eat in a way that doesn’t require all or nothing, but rather learning to manage mistakes and difficulties.



Learning tools to improve resilience.


Connection & vulnerability

The importance of connection and vulnerability in self-growth and the importance of this in sharing and relating to your experiences with food.


Pitfalls of processed food

How we can get stuck in eating foods that don’t treat us well and how these foods affect our bodies and our minds.

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Weekly - Half hour

2. Neuroscience half hour

Melissa is our guest speaker and expert on everything neuroscience!

We look at the neuroscience behind overeating, undereating, sleep, stress, fatigue and everything in-between. It turns out there is much more to eating than you may think! Melissa will give you practical and scientifically based tips and exercises to help you improve these areas of life.

Weekly - Half hour

3. Online Meditation & Relaxation space

Take some time out of your day to join in in a weekly half-hour meditation/relaxation designed to be quick easy and refreshing.

It is also a way to feel connected to our community during a busy day. These sessions may include breathing practices, journal writing, music sessions, meditation and more.

Weekly - Half hour

4. Journaling & intention setting space

Take some time out of your day to join in in a weekly half-hour of journalling.

In this session you will dedicate time to free-writing, or be given prompts and exercises to help inspire you to get writing. It is scientifically proven that writing is an incredibly cathartic and important experience for us to engage in as much as possible. It also helps us to gain insights into our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Weekly - Half hour

5. Mind & Body Connection Session

This is something new we're trying! This session is all about connecting with your body.

Our expert Pilates and yoga instructor Gabrielle will take you through a series of gentle stretches, gentle movement and meditations to get you in touch with your body and your emotions. A lovely way to get back to basics.

Weekly - 45 mins

6. DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) Session

A 45 minute session with Jacqui Russon who is an experienced occupational therapist who will be using Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) as one of her frameworks.

These sessions will focus on practical skills to empower you to manage your emotions and behaviour more effectively – teaching emotional regulation techniques. Jacqui will also focus on distress tolerance techniques and skills to improve interpersonal relationships. This is a must in order to manage emotional and stress eating!

Weekly - Half hour

7. WhatsApp Support Group

Everyone will have access to a WhatsApp group where you can post your struggles, chat about your wins and ask questions.

This is also a place to connect with one another. All animal pictures are welcome!


Current Schedule

Monthly subscription - start whenever, cancel any time. All times are in South African Standard Time (SAST UTC +2) and are subject to change.

Don’t worry if you can’t make all these times slots, join what you can and you will get a recording of everything you miss!

7:30 - Mind-body Connection - 30mins
12:00 - Check-in - 60mins
12:00 - Journaling - 30mins
12:30 - DBT - 45mins
14:00 - Neuroscience - 30mins
17:00 - Meditation - 30mins
17:30 - Check-in - 60mins
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