Customised to where you’re at, we’ll interrogate the ‘why’ of your eating and take steps to gain control & transform this relationship.

You could benefit from individual therapy if you experience any of the following issues when it comes to food, eating and your body:

Have tried multiple diets & weight loss programs
Feel sick and tired of feeling sick and tired
Have your life goals on hold (until you feel confident)

The individual program I will tailor for you will be based on the The Eating Freely™ Program, a revolutionary approach to nutrition developed by Emma Murphy, a binge eating specialist working from Ireland, over the last 12 years.

Aims of the Eating Freely™ Program

To feel more in control of your binge eating – reduce episodes
Clear out some of the confusion & contradiction around food
Figure out what foods work best for you and your body
Truly understand yourself & let go of behaviours that no longer serve you
Not to lose weight, but to lose guilt & understand your eating behaviours

To understand the WHY of your struggles with eating:

Why do you binge eat when you desperately want to stop?
Why does it feel like you have no will power?
Why do you keep repeating the same patterns when all you want is peace to move on with your life?

How it works

This is an evidence-based program that combines four pillars of support to give you what you need to make sense of your binge or emotional eating.
Sessions are mostly structured and will you be given tools to take home and practice
Sessions are usually 50 minutes and over zoom or in-person
Medical aid rates will apply if you would like to claim from your medical aid
We will work together in this way to make sure you can get the most out of the sessions

Four Pillars of Support

This is an evidence-based program that combines four pillars of support to give you what you need to make sense of your binge or emotional eating.
1. CBT tools

Proven CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) tools will help you to reduce binge and emotional eating episodes immediately.

2. Nutritional Rehabilitation

We’ll restore healthy gut function, teach you how to eat for health, and finally work with you to figure out what kinds of foods and ways of eating work for you.

3. Neuroscience

Here we break all old, unhelpful habits and Autopilots your brain has stored away in your unconscious. We will also look at how the foods you may be eating may be affecting your cravings, hunger and impulses.

4. Mindfulness & Self-Compassion

When you treat yourself better, you will choose to eat better, and when you finally know how to love yourself enough to let go of what does not serve, this is when the true magic happens.

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