Mending your relationship with food

Victoria Webster - Eating Psychologist

Rediscover eating for nourishment & well-being

Our programs guide you inward to untangle the knot of disillusionment, shame, bad dieting and insecurity to do with eating, and rediscover at the core an excitement, passion and love for food as a source of nourishment and sustainable, healthy fulfilment.

Victoria Webster

The Eating Psychologist
Victoria Webster - Eating Psychologist
Who can we help

Do you Struggle with Eating?

Do you struggle with body image and weight? If you experience any of the following issues when it comes to food and eating, you are in the right place.
Have tried multiple diets & weight loss programs
Feel sick and tired of feeling sick and tired
Have your life goals on hold (until you feel confident)
Eat your emotions, the good and the bad
Struggle with late-night or out-of-control eating
Feel shame, guilt or unworthy of love around eating
Struggle to love (or even like) yourself and your body
Feel alone in your struggles or something is wrong with you

You are not alone!
About me

I am here to help

As a Clinical Psychologist, Addiction Specialist, Mind-Body Eating Coach and Binge Eating Specialist, I am well versed in the story of emotional eating, binge eating and using food for comfort.

I have done the dieting, the shame, the confusion and feeling alone in difficulties around eating and weight. I understand how lonely and confusing this can feel. I have worked with many people who have felt the same way. I want you to know that you are not alone.

Victoria Webster

Clinical Psychologist
There are many reasons it can feel like a tractor beam is pulling you towards the fridge, but I can promise you not one of them has to do with weakness or a lack of will-power.
My approach

A holistic approach to nutrition

Once we disentangle the internal confusion and misguided messaging around food, weight and diet, we come to understand our difficulties with eating have mainly to do with our emotions, mind and self-esteem.

My approach is about interrogating the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of our eating, not only the ‘what’, about addressing how we feel in our skin, not how much we weigh, and once we progress in this healing, as we make more nourishing choices, our relationship to food will transform.

Understand what's behind emotional & binge eating
Build strategies & resilience to control & reduce episodes
Break old, unhelpful habits and tackle cravings and hunger
Truly understand yourself & let go of behaviours that don't serve you
Practice skills and techniques to put yourself and your health first

Programs tailored for you

Aside from in-person (Johannesburg, South Africa) and remote individual therapy sessions, we offer a Group Support Space to find support and connect, as well as our Emotional Eating DIY Online Short Course.
In-person / Online

Individual Therapy Sessions

Structured individualised therapy sessions, online or in-person (Johannesburg), for emotional and binge eating based on Eating Freely™ principles.

Customised to where you’re at, we’ll interrogate the ‘why’ of your eating and take steps to gain control & transform this relationship.

50 min sessions
Medical aid rates
Realistic, practical interventions
Online Group

Nourish & Nurture Community

A Group Support Space For Eating Challenges for those who wish to improve their eating habits & relationship with food, self and body.

Join a relaxed safe space to explore your struggles, find support & connection with others, and uncover your personal issues.

Biweekly online session
WhatsApp Support Group
Meditation, journaling & learning spaces
Online DIY

Emotional Eating Short Course

A 6 week DIY course consisting of bite-sized video lessons & weekly home practice assignments co-ordinated through our learning system.

Learn proven techniques to curtail emotional eating & gain greater control over all impulses for lasting positive change.

7 pre-recorded video lectures
6 home-practice projects
Lifetime access
What I realised was that I did not need to lose weight, I needed guidance with managing my emotions, improving my self-esteem and learning to eat in a way that worked specifically for me.
I still have a very clear memory of the day that Victoria's workshop in Self-Worth blew my mind - it got me to make changes to the way I viewed myself, spoke to myself and engaged with the world. A completely mind-altering experience!
Tessa Whitfield
Hermanus, South Africa - Lost 30kg+
Victoria has taught me that weight loss and lasting change are much more a function of your relationship with yourself than a great meal plan, that without addressing what is inside, you will never find peace with yourself and your weight.
Jonno Proudfoot
Co-Author & CEO of the Real Meal Revolution
Victoria has the ability to make me feel "normal". She helped me to deal with shame and guilt so that I could move forward on my transformation journey. She helped me to get insight into my relationship with myself, food and other people.
Tertia Behr
Austria - Lost 40kg+
I went into RMR thinking that it was all about the food, but how wrong I was! I had to get my mind right and only then would I eat right for a lifetime and that is what I learnt at the weekly workshops with Victoria.
Jhanine Honeyman
Lost 18kg+
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Frequent questions

There are a lot of things to consider. Let's answer some of your questions.
Do I have to be overweight to work with you?

Absolutely not. The ways in which our eating behaviours manifest is different for everyone! This is not a one size fits all and if you have any struggles related to emotional or binge eating, you are in the right place.

What if I have doubts about this process?

That is a really good starting point, let’s set up a free 15 minute consultation to meet or chat and start right there. We can figure out if this is right for you or not. It is very normal to have doubts and resistance towards this kind of process – because it is not easy!

Can you offer me a quick fix solution?

Sadly, there is really no such thing if you want long-lasting changes. No quick fix solutions here.

Do I have to be able to eat perfectly once I commit to this process?

If you are a robot who works on mathematical equations then yes. Otherwise, no. If you work with me, you will learn that perfectionism is often the root cause of us being so hard on ourselves. It is also impossible to be perfect! I do not expect nor want perfectionism from you because we are all imperfect human beings.