The Emotional Eating 6 week Online Short Course is hosted 100% online by Victoria Webster and Real Meal Revolution in a combination of bite-sized, pre-recorded video lessons in our learning system and weekly home practice assignments.

The course will guide you through successfully implementing proven techniques to curtail emotional eating. The result is greater control over your impulses (beyond eating) and the knowledge that you can confidently move forward with any diet or lifestyle changes that are valuable to you with greater promise of lasting change.

What can I expect?

The course is for anyone tired of dieting, and wanting to address the willpower and emotional side of eating.

As in, you know what to do, but you don’t or can’t seem to be able to stick to it. And, you want to be led by someone who is not only an expert, but has suffered from the same set of problems.

What do I get?

7 weeks of pre-recorded video Lectures (short and punchy)
6 home-practice projects designed to take you deeper

How long does it last?

6 weeks plus an extra Introductory Week
You retain lifetime access to the course content once complete

Benefits of the Emotional Eating Online Short Course

Get clear on how to manage emotional eating and food binges
Understand what lies behind emotional eating tendencies
Discover what really builds resilience and become a stress ninja
See the connection between your values and your eating
Learn how to identify triggers that lead to unhealthy eating (and other behaviours)
Begin thriving on special occasions with more control and immunity to peer pressure
Learn how to bounce back from any level of ‘rock bottom’
Practice skills and techniques to put yourself and your health first without losing friends and alienating yourself

Praise for Victoria
I still have a very clear memory of the day that Victoria's workshop in Self-Worth blew my mind - it got me to make changes to the way I viewed myself, spoke to myself and engaged with the world. A completely mind-altering experience!
Tessa Whitfield
Hermanus, South Africa - Lost 30kg+
Victoria has taught me that weight loss and lasting change are much more a function of your relationship with yourself than a great meal plan, that without addressing what is inside, you will never find peace with yourself and your weight.
Jonno Proudfoot
Co-Author & CEO of the Real Meal Revolution
Victoria has the ability to make me feel "normal". She helped me to deal with shame and guilt so that I could move forward on my transformation journey. She helped me to get insight into my relationship with myself, food and other people.
Tertia Behr
Austria - Lost 40kg+
I went into RMR thinking that it was all about the food, but how wrong I was! I had to get my mind right and only then would I eat right for a lifetime and that is what I learnt at the weekly workshops with Victoria.
Jhanine Honeyman
Lost 18kg+
Program Overview

Course prospectus

Here's a preview of the content and progression of the Emotional Eating Online Short Course:
Week Zero

0. Eating as Reflection of Self

In week zero, we start seeing eating through a different lens. We will learn about the relationship between our eating and our own self-image.

Our assignment and reflection exercise will be focussed on connecting the dots between the theory and our own unique stories. The home practice will help you identify what is working and what isn’t, and the Weekly Collab Workshop will open the door to more insights and extra clarity on the task at hand.

Week One

1. Challenging Beliefs

Week one addresses the way our culture of dieting shapes the way we see our bodies and our perception of ourselves.

Week one addresses the way our culture of dieting shapes the way we see our bodies and our perception of ourselves.

Week Two

2. Mindfulness, Emotions & Your Relationship with Food

In week two we begin connecting the dots between emotions and eating.

We all know we are emotional eaters, but we will now be empowered with knowledge of how these mechanisms work as well as tools to begin severing the connection between and how your feel and your need to eat.

Week Three

3. Eating Triggers & Food Celebrations

Week three goes deeper into the people, places, events and other situations that drive you to eat.

You will finish this week with a tool kit that you can put to work to immediately to begin celebrating, stressing, fighting etc. without needing to eat everything without the harmful consequences that come with eating to solve these problems.

Week Four

4. Saying No Without Getting Fomo

Struggle to say no without feeling bad, or creating tension?

In week four we learn how to lay down firm boundaries with ourselves and others without losing friends and alienating people.

Week Five

5. Building True Resilience

In the penultimate week of this course, we discover the source of true mental strength and resilience.

We gain the knowledge and skills required to improve the way we cope with stress and practice techniques to build resilience.

Week Six

6. Eating & Self Worth

On the home straight we discover how our worthiness is connected to our eating habits and learn how our values influence our actions.

Our last step is to develop a game plan for creating lasting change.

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